The Art of Graphic Design: An In-Depth Look at the World of Visual Storytelling

Why are we so drawn to visual content? From scrolling through Instagram to being mesmerised by a movie poster. We are living in a visual age and at the heart of it are innovators, artists, and graphic designers. A career in graphic design provides a rare blend of creativity, strategy, and technology. But what genuinely distinguishes a graphic designer from other professions? Let's unpack what it takes to be a graphic designer.

An image with two geometric designs, left design is based on circles and rectangles, right design is based on triangles and circles.

Visual creativity 

As a graphic designer, your canvas is all around you. Graphic designers use their imagination to create visual narratives that connect, engage, and inspire audiences, whether it's a website layout, an app interface, a magazine cover, or a brand logo. Their work is about communicating ideas, generating emotions, and finding design solutions. It’s so much more than just making things look good.

Combining art and technology

When cutting edge technology and aesthetics come together, graphic design is born. Designers use a variety of digital tools and applications including Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and Canva. In this age of digital transformation, designers are also venturing into the realms of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), offering up new options for creative expression. It is in this sweet spot that the boundaries of creativity are pushed.

The influence factor in graphic design

Witnessing the impact of your work is one of the most rewarding aspects of being a graphic designer. A strong design may create a brand's identity including some world famous brands that have been instantly recognisable for decades. They can also influence consumer behaviour, and even alter societal perceptions. Graphic designers develop visual elements that entertain, educate, inform and even persuade.

An image of two futuristic designs, based on metaverse and AI.

Constant evolution

In the ever-changing field of graphic design, there is no room for stagnation. Trends shift, new tools arise, and as society evolves, so too do people’s views. A career in graphic design can be a fascinating parallel or indeed, a trail-blazing change-making experience. The constant growth, from hand-drawings to digital graphics, keeps the profession exciting and relevant.

A transferable skills toolbox

Graphic design gives you a wealth of transferable abilities. It helps you improve your problem-solving skills because each project needs a solution. It improves your communication skills, both aesthetically and in collaboration with clients and teams. It also improves your capacity to operate under pressure, handle several projects, and pay attention to the smallest of details.

Flexibility and freedom

There is also a unique level of flexibility in a graphic design career. Many designers have the option of working remotely or even independently, allowing for an ideal work-life balance. You may be working from the comfort of your living room for a global customer or perhaps you will find yourself designing a logo while relaxing at a beach café!

Two graphic designers collaborating in a logo design.

Working in a collaborative setting

Collaboration is an important aspect of the graphic designer's skillset. You'll frequently collaborate with other designers, marketers, content providers, and an endless range of clients. This collaborative environment improves and broadens your design process, contributing to both personal and professional progress.

Graphic Design and related professions

A career in graphic design can in fact, serve as a stepping stone to a variety of other disciplines. Let's look at a couple more:

Brand Identity Designer

If you appreciate visually communicating a brand's narrative, becoming a brand identity designer could be a good fit. You'd create one-of-a-kind logos, typography, colour palettes, and imagery that capture a brand's personality and spirit.

Motion Graphics Designer

The realm of motion graphics is ideal for those who find static visuals too restricting. This field combines graphic design and animation to generate commercials, movie titles, explainer videos, and much more.

Packaging Designer

This specialty entails creating functional yet visually appealing product packaging. It is a 3 dimensional approach which involves packaging that is desirable enough to attract a consumer's attention but with the additional pleasure of an unpacking experience.  

Web Designer

This highly competitive field is a universal necessity for any business. It includes a strong understanding of UI and UX principles but with an additional fresh approach. If a designer wants a website to live up to the discerning expectations of web users, it must be both functional but with a high level of sophistication.

Environmental Graphic Designer

This career path entails creating visuals that enhance people's experiences in physical settings. This could include things like signs, murals, museum exhibits or office branding. Anything that exists in the real world.

Graphic designers also have the opportunity to advance to the position of art director where they would supervise, organise and often have the last word on the work of a team of designers.

The profession of graphic design is diverse, with each path offering a distinct blend of creativity and strategy. Graphic designers have numerous job options, whether they find their calling in the digital or physical world. This variety is part of what distinguishes and rewards a career in graphic design and makes it an exciting option. A career in graphic design can also lead to opportunities in other disciplines. For designers with a flair for layout and typography for example, they may pursue editorial design. If you enjoy drawing, you could try your hand at digital art or animation. If you're interested in user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design, you may be creating the future generation of digital products.

Graphic designer drawing whilst holding a colour palette.

Being a graphic designer entails more than just aesthetics. It is a job that allows you to use the power of design to tell a story, to alter perceptions, solve issues, and create tangible physical products. If you find you are drawn to creativity, strategic thinking, and technical expertise, graphic design may be your calling. It is more than a job, it is a passion, an adventure, and a lifelong path of learning and growth. Being a graphic designer is a totally unique rewarding experience!

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Written by: Fiona Byrne

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